Organizing a Child’s Room

This was my first paying job as a Professional Organizer. I love to organize and it’s amazing to get paid for something you love to do. I believe it was easier for her daughter to listen to me than take advise from Mom!

The bedroom was full of childhood items — sports trophies, toys, jewelry, clothes, school papers, and stuff animals. She was a good age to help with the clean-up and ready to change her room into a teenager room.

Her room is full of items that are no long used. We wanted to make an inviting teenager room!
It’s a good size room, just years of childhood items accumulating.

Here’s how we tackled the job:

  • I brought laundry baskets into the room and we loaded them we all the stuff.
  • We pulled the baskets out of the room, and cleaned. We vacuumed, made the bed, dusted and cleaned the window.
  • Next, we sorted thru the stuff in the baskets. She did a great job deciding what to bring back into the room.
  • Trash was placed in trash bags. Clothes too small was placed in donate.
  • Anything she didn’t want, we put into a box for Mom to sort thru, just in case there was something she wanted to keep.
The bedroom in now an inviting place to stay!
Closet curtain for use access. Everything is put away in it’s place.
Dresser now houses her clothes that fit and the top is clear from clutter.