Photo Organization

Pulling all your photographs together is difficult. But if you make use of some handy software tools, you can simply the scrapbooking process. Learn how to use Google Drive, Picture Project, Snapfish, and a Planner to be one organized scrapper!

Steps that I go thru to keep my photographs organized, so I can quickly find them when ready to make my scrapbook layouts …

  1. Use Google Drive to sync my phone (LG Stylo 2) photos on my computer (Dell Windows 7).
  2. Love my Nikon camera software called Picture Project for transferring from my camera to my computer.
  3. Use a planner each year to keep track of events and whether I have printed and made scrapbook layouts for my albums. I used Scrapbook & Cards Today planner, but they stopped making in 2017.  Now I keep track in Evernote.
  4. Organize my photos on my computer in folders using YEAR-MONTH-DAY EVENT format. This will sort them in chronological order, just like I scrapbook them. I frequently copy the folders to an external back-up drive.
  5. Load photos to Snapfish, to share, order prints, make hard copy books & cards, and have as a back-up if I loose my computer photos.