Using Multiple Planners

For 2019, I have a plan to use more than one planner. I know we have our electronic calendars on our phones, but I find it very handy to have a paper copy with me. Call me old fashioned! Here’s how I plan to use them …

Which planner to select? You will need to decide on the following:

  • Size, either how big or how small for your needs
  • Layout that will work for your notes, consider monthly, weekly, daily, grid paper, no lines
  • Functionality such as pockets, pen holder, stickers, removable pages, ring bound

How I use mine! Yes, I have more than one! Yikes!

Here’s how to print using Outlook …

  • From your calendar, select print the week
  • Choose the “daily style”
  • Under print options, go into page setup
  • Click “2-pages/day”
  • Orientation portrait
  • I also select that I want the calendar with meetings and a notes area
  • You can print the tasks too, I don’t use that part of Outlook, I just write on the pages and draw a checkbox if I have a task for follow-up