Power Strip on Alex Drawer Unit

Here’s a convenient idea to attach your power strip to the side of your desk. This allows for easy access for plugging in your crafting tools! I show you the tools you need and how to do it!

Can’t remember where I learned about this, but I’ve always had a power strip next to my desk. I hate crawling behind my desk to the outlets in the wall. I love that most power strips have these holes on the back of them for just this purpose!

You will need the following in order to do this project:

  • Hammer and large nail
  • Screw driver and two small screws that fit into the holes
  • Power strip with holes on back
  • Scrap paper, a marker and a push pin

Here’s how to attach to your Alex unit:

  1. Take the paper to the back of the power strip and mark the hole areas as two dots
  2. Put that paper on the side of your desk, pick a side convenient to the power outlet on the wall.
  3. Take a push pin and mark the two spots on the side of the Alex drawer unit
  4. Using the hammer, pound the nail partially into the Alex drawer unit to make pilot holes for the screws
  5. Using the screwdriver, screw in the two small screws
  6. Finally, attach the power strip onto the screws