Organizing Electronic Cords

My desk is an Ikea desktop held up with two Alex drawers. I love that it’s nice and long (that’s what she said) and I have room for my Brother Scan N Cut and Cricut machines to be out and easier accessible. But now there are so many cords, plus I don’t keep everything plugged in all the time, so I want a way to keep the cords from falling behind the desk! It’s probably my OCD – but enjoy watching me struggle with these cords!

So I started by unplugging everything plugged into the power strip. I got out my label maker and labeled each end of the cord, the part that goes into the machine and the part that plugs into the power strip.

Binder clips work great to keep the cords from falling behind my desk!
Yeah, I can tell what each cord is connected to!
My OCD makes me label everything!