Room Organization

Ok, here’s what I love to do! This project was fun for me because I love to deal with the before and after of room organization. If your room looks like this one, you can relate!

This room started out in typical fashion, they had just moved and this room was the “collection” room. Everything else in the house was organized — the bedroom and closet, the kitchen, and the living room. But this room was saved for later!

Where to start?

It can be very overwhelming. And that’s why you hire a professional organizer. They can help you identify the goal and then keep you on track. For this room, she wanted a serious space for work and a creative space for play.

Do you have piles of clutter? A professional organizer can help!

Clean Out!

So how did we tackle the mess? First, I brought in a bunch of laundry baskets and we loaded everything from the shelves, floor, and closet and pulled the baskets out into the hallway. We didn’t sort yet, just simply pulled out of the room.

Start by pulling everything out of the room!

Setup Area

Once everything was out of the room, we could start thinking about the purpose of the area. We arranged the large furniture to meet that need. In this case, we setup the desk in one corner and the art easel in the other. Both were nicely near a window and had room around them to fit the bill for work and play areas. This is a fun time because the clutter is out of the way, and you can start to see the room come together!

Arrange the large furniture in the room to fit the purpose of the room!

Sorting Time

Ok, now the work begins. All the stuff that was pulled out needs to be sorted. So we started with one basket and kept going until we tired. Taking breaks is very important. The stuff was in the baskets, so if you needed something, it was in the hallway. We just tackled each basket as time permitted. We made strides that first day, but some baskets waited until next time.

Sort through items and bring them back into the room where they make sense!

Final Product

After a few working sessions, the room was all together. Less often used stuff was in the closet, the desk contained the items for work, and the art area included the fun items for painting and drawing.