Best Sewing Room Setup

I want to show you the best configuration for a small sewing area. If you have room for just a small setup, then you need to see this! In just 5×7 feet of area, I have a total of 2900 inches of workspace. Here’s the setup!

Ikea Products

  • Linnmon now called “Lagkapten” Table Top (link)
    Large: 78 3/4 x 23 5/8″ (5 legs needed)
    Medium: 55 1/8 x 23 5/8″ (4 legs needed)
  • Adils Legs (link)
    27 1/2″ height
  • “Alex Drawer Unit on Casters” (link)
    26 3/8″ wide x 26″ tall x 18 7/8″ deep
    If you slide drawers in sideways, they are 3″ wider than the table is deep
    See my video to make the bottom drawer deeper (link)
  • Drawer Pulls (link)
    I bought mine at Hobby Lobby, but Ikea does have them too
    Keep in mind that you need very short screws to attach to the side of the Alex Drawers
  • “Kuggis Inserts” (link)

I have another sewing table specifically for my Bernina machine with an Embroidery setup. But I really like this type of setup for efficiently cutting, ironing, and sewing my quilts. I have all my tools close at hand including electricity for my machine and iron.

Notice that there is a nice space between the Alex Drawers and the table. It’s about 2″ of space. This gives me space to keep my cutting and ironing mats on the drawers.

The cutting mat is 18×24″ and fits perfectly on top of the wide Alex Drawers.

Alex Drawers on Casters store under Linnmon table (7′ x 2′).
With Alex Drawers pulled out, you have double the surface workspace (5’x7′).
Kuggis Inserts help to organize all the tools in my drawers.
See my video on making the bottom drawer deep (link).
Adding handles makes it easier to pull out the Alex Drawers on Casters.
I can fit two 12×18″ wool ironing mats on top of the wide Alex Drawer Unit with Casters.
My rulers and threads fit nicely in the small drawers.
There is about 6″ that is not exposed when you pull the drawer open.
I have not found this to be a problem. I like how deep the drawers are.
For smaller items, I am using plastic trays and I can pull those out if I need to.

Quilting Supplies

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