Installing Colorful Shelving

Ordered these 14″ floating shelves for my craftroom a little while ago. See how fun they look with my colorful Stickles, markers, and Nuvo drops installed on the wall above my desk!

I’ve decided to place — my Stickles (glitter glue), my markers (love Stampin’ Up markers that coordinate with my cardstock), and my Nuvo Drops (I prefer the gloss colors) — on some floating shelves. I think will add a punch of color while giving me easy access to the products. I hope this reminds me to use them more often.

Previously, these little items were tucked away in my desk drawers. Seems like I go thru periods of liking items put away, and then switch to liking the items out for me to see them! Do you do this?!?

These shelves were very easy to install. They measure 14″ x 2 3/8″ x 4″. There are two pre-drilled screw openings, but the screws were not provided. I planned the wall by measuring the height and width of the area on the wall. I was sure to include enough room for the items to be pulled down from the shelf. Here’s the supplied needed:

Supplies needed … Screwdriver, Level, Screws (not provided), Tape Measure, Pencil, Shelves
There is a half inch lip, so be sure to leave enough clearance room to pull items off the shelf.
Forgot to mention in the video, but the last step is to place the black circle provided, over the screw opening.
Installed and the floating shelves look great! A rainbow wall of inspiration!