Tim Holtz Mixed Media

Today, I organized my Ranger Distress Crayons and Distress Oxide inks. I also did an inventory of my Stampin’ Up ink colors. I’m missing have a few of their new colors. Love that I’ve got easy access to them, by having them across my craft table.

On the Tim Holtz website, you will find their printable PDFs so that you can keep track of what product and colors you own. Here’s a link — Tim Holtz Color Charts.

I used the Tonic Studio mixed media mat in order to use water with the Distress Crayons. The mat is made of glass, so you can color on the glass, then pick up the color with your water brush. The crayons have a very smooth consistency, and I noticed I can add more layers to get the color to darken.

Then I used the ink blending tool to put the Distress Oxide inks onto the labels I’m making for the front of the pads. I plan on storing them in the box they came in, next to my Stampin’ Up ink pads. While I like the idea of smaller stamp pads, Tim Holtz says they cannot make the dioxide ink work in the smaller size.

I mentioned using Evernote to keep track of your colors, here’s my video about using the Evernote app.