Tiny Houses / Full Life

Not sure how I came across these YouTube videos about tiny houses, but I just can’t stop watching them. I’m fascinated about how people are choosing such a minimalist lifestyle. It seems to open up so many creative possibilities. Whether you build your own or hire it out, there are so many beautiful options.

At first I wondered why not just have an RV. But from watching the videos, I see that they want something a little bit more structured than a home on wheels. It’s built on a trailer, so you can move it IF you need to. I’ve always thought that our houses should be build modular-ly so that you can add on as you have children, and then downsize again as the kids move out. Maybe that’s where we’ll get to in the future.

I think whether you end up in a tiny house or not, it gives you pause to think about what you really need to live a full life. The components of a home are a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. They are meeting these needs in a variety of ways. People think about how their spend their quality time and incorporate that into their homes. Some even have a shed for their hobbies such as wood working or artwork. What would you incorporate? Here’s my list:

  • Kitchen would not need to be very big, but I would want a large fridge to keep food fresh, and love the idea of eating outside on a patio with a grill
  • Definitely would need stairs instead of a ladder!
  • Not sure if I could do the loft for a bed since we stayed in a tree house in 2017 and I found the loft to be claustrophobic
  • Lots of windows and I love the idea of solar panels
  • A desk area is important to me, I spend a lot of time on crafts and my computer and I need to sit at a table to eat

Many of these folks seems to be doing it to get away from the large  mortgage; one gentleman evens mentions that working for a company is giving them your time. It’s it true, you give someone else YOUR time for their profits. So crazy when you think about it!

So what to you love to spend your time doing? Can you imagine what you would do if you didn’t have to work? Think about what you do on vacation, in your free time. Here’s my list:

  • Photography & scrapbooking
  • Reading & blogging
  • Spending time with family & grandchildren
  • Walking, swimming, biking, & canoeing
  • Growing flowers & food; making healthy meals

More Tiny House videos:

So I’m not saying that we quit our jobs, chuck everything, run away. I’m just taking these ideas into considerations for making your life more full. What do you do to spend your time? What stuff is cluttering your life? What do we really need to make us happy? I like to ponder these things!!