Using Evernote

Evernote is a very handy tool for organizing your important information — from to do lists, organizing ideas & emails, to taking meeting notes. In this video I will show you the features and how I use it to stay organized!

why use it

  • one place to search for your info!
  • gather your thoughts, then organize
  • collaborate with others (family, work, organizations)

how to install

  • go to
  • click download button
  • run install
  • create your login


  • sign up for free (see price compare page)
  • FREE — 60mb per month, 2 devices
  • $96/year — 10 GB month, unlimited devices


  • desktop application
  • app on your phone & tablet
  • website for on the go


  • emailing into it (see Tools, Account Info)
  • folders
  • adding a photo (like a local pinterest)
  • send a file into Evernote (right mouse)
  • sort & search
  • reminders
  • share with others
  • delete & trash bin