Bernina Embroidery Fun Facts

Learning about how my Bernina 750 can Embroider patterns onto fabrics. by OESD

OESD is Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Demand since 1987. Everyone in class was referring to this as if we knew what it was! I had to google it! Apparently, they are known for their embroidery designs. Looks like they also sell products that you can embroider too, such as pillows, towels, garden flags, aprons, table runners, etc. Be sure to check out their Project Hub for all kinds of ideas!

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Useful Tools

  • Stabilizer (behind the material) — Tear Away, Cut Away, Wash Away
  • Thread — 40 W Polyester for top color and bobbin uses 60 WT Polyester or Cotton (white or black)
  • Foot — #26 foot and Single Hole Stitch Plate (with a small hole to keep the fabric in place)
  • Needle — Use “Ballpoint” for knit fabrics and “Sharp” for most woven fabrics. Our instructor recommended the Titanium, a little more expensive, but lasts 3 times longer.
  • Bernina Big Book of Embroidery (link)
Here is what I made — nothing much, but I learned a lot!
This is the back of it. It still has the Tear Away stabilizer on the back.

Embroidery Steps

  1. Embroidery Module — Attach carefully by lifting up from the left side then slide the feet into the sewing machine; you should hear a chirp when it is connected. Never move your machine with the embroidery module attached.
  2. Hooping Your Fabric — Loosen the hoop, and notice the small triangles on the hoop inside and outside that will line up; you can spray baste the medium-weight stabilizer to the fabric but the hoop will hold in place; tighten the hoop until you feel some resistance then push the fabric and stabilizer out beyond the hoop by 1/16″ or so and fully tighten the hoop.
  3. Attaching Hoop — Pinched the two knobs towards the middle of the hoop, slide the hoop under the needle, then attach the hoop to the Embroidery Module by pushing down. Your machine may remind you to lower the feed dogs.
  4. Calibrate your Hoop — This is needed when you first get your machine and any time that you think the needle is not in the middle of the hoop. From the home screen, press Gear, Hoop, then the Cross Hairs option. You will need your clear plastic template for the hoop.
  5. Jump Stitches — You will want your stitch settings to be the following.
Jump Thread Settings
(Machine will cut the Threads automatically)
Thread Away Turned On
(Pulls the Thread Tails Under)
Tie On and Off Settings
(Machine will automatically tie a knot at the start and end)
Fabric Thickness is usually 4mm
(For towels you can turn up to 10mm)

Embroidery Menu

Now the fun part, selecting a pattern.

Machine used .EXP filetype
(Built-in shapes and USB)
Inside the design, you will see the suggested hoop size.
Notice the 3.0 tension, #26 foot, Medium size hoop, 0mm single hole plate, and feed dogs down.
Also, 18 minutes to complete using 8 color changes for this shape.
Edit Menu will let you make adjustments to the design.
Notice you can move, rotate, resize, flip, mirror, duplicate, etc.
If you change the size +20%, you will need to adjust the no. of stitches, see below.
Stitch Density Settings
If you increase or reduce the size of the design, be sure to test it on sample fabric.
You will need to reduce or increase depending on the size change to avoid bunching and open spaces.
Note: Letters will re-digitize but for other designs, you will need to adjust in software.

Thread Break

It is common to have a thread break. Be sure to thread your needle and thread properly. Notice that the screen will show you the design and allow you to rewind a few steps by using your knobs to go backward through the design.

If you have a thread break, simply go back a few stitches to avoid an open spot.
The bottom knob adjusts several stitches at a time, top knob goes one at a time.
Press the machine “Go” button again to restart.

Types of Projects

Ok, so now what should we make? There are so many ideas found on Pinterest and Embroidery Blogs. It’s endless! Gonna be some fun projects for Christmas this year!

Search Pinterest for “Machine Embroidery Ideas”

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