Christmas Stars

Today, I was with my mother-in-law, Sharon, and she mentioned she was making some Christmas gifts. She was trying to learn how to make these Christmas Stars, and thought it would be fun to make a video together as we learned! Oh my gosh!!

We had fun figuring it out how to make them. We watched a YouTube video and then practiced a few times before we started recording. I jokingly called it “hugging” so we could remember what to do!! 

The fabric is cut 4″ by 16″ but I think it only needs to be at least 12″ long.  You probably can do smaller stars, just keep the fabric in proportion to 4 x 12.

First, you will fold the fabric, in half, lengthwise. Then again folding to make a bias by folding it in on itself. You will make 2 of each color, and I suggest contrasting colors. Iron your fabric, and the video we watched suggested using a spray to add stiffness.

Secondly, once you have your 4 pieces folded and ironed, you will line up in opposing directions. Layering them so that each piece “hugs” the next one. Pull them together in the middle.

Thirdly, you will fold one of each leg down into the square to make the second layer. This will work as if you are folding down box lids one side at a time, until you come to the fourth one, and tuck it into the first strip.

Now, finally, you can make the star points. Do this by folding “out” each strip, then flipping over the star, and folding “down” the strip, and then fold over so that you have triangle on the top. Trim, if necessary, so that you can tuck the end of the strip into the middle of the star. Do this for each star point.

You can glue the ends of the fabric under those final layers just to hold in place. These make as fun gifts, or gift tags, or stocking stuffers. If you have some scrap Christmas fabric around – give it try!