Queen of Diamonds Quilt | Ironing

Holy cow, I have finished EPP’ing all the diamonds for my Queen of Diamonds quilt. I have enjoyed working on this colorful quilt. In this video, I’ll explain how to iron the diamonds after removing all the cardstock. See how these pieces turned out!


For each of the 31 diamonds, I carefully removed the cardstock and put those pieces back into the bags with the templates, for future use.

Next, I started ironing. I thought this was going to take quite a while. But it went quickly. Some diamonds were more complicated than others.

For some, I had to snip a thread where I caught it on the 3/8″ side the border will be attached to. I’m happy with how flat they all became.


For Month 12, we have received several solid colors (see top row of fabric in the photo below) along with white for the background. There is also more of the green Lazy Stripe, I don’t know why. I pulled the solid colors from Months 1 to 11.


I learn better by watching than reading a pattern, so I am looking forward to our class to go over the borders, sashing, and cornerstones. For now, I have cut, using a template, one of each of the solid colors. I believe the pattern calls for duplicates of the light colors included in our packet for Month 12. I want a bigger variety of colors.

Finished Diamonds

Here are a couple of pictures of my finished diamonds. Loving how colorful this quilt will be! Speaking of the colors, they pop on the black background.

I am not a big fan of the Mick Jaguar print for the diamond borders. So, I’m planning to use solid colors like Tula Pink used on her version of the Queen of Diamonds pattern. Then I’ll decide if I want a white or black background. Decisions!!

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