Queen of Diamonds Quilt | Black Trim

After finishing my EPP (English Paper Piecing) diamond blocks, I’ve added black trim instead of the suggested Mick Jaguar fabric. I enjoyed the months of sewing by hand, but now I’m using my sewing machine to finish the quilt. Here’s how adding the trim has turned out!

The pattern we purchased from Pink Door Studio suggests using the Mick Jaguar fabric for a 2″ trim around each of the finished diamond blocks. I’m thinking of using that fabric for the backing. I like how the black trim makes the colorful fabric pop.

Step 1

Cut the black fabric into 1.5″ strips. First, I folded my black cotton fabric along the selvage edge and cut using a ruler and rotary cutter. You will need two strips per diamond block. There will be enough leftovers for the smaller triangles.

Step 2

Place the diamond block, right sides together, onto the black strip. Pin together. Be careful not to pull the diamond block. I recommend using pins to keep the diamond block straight along the black strip while you sew it.

Step 3

Sew along the edge at a 3/8″ seam using a sewing machine. I used a small stitch length. I had the diamond block on top, so I could make sure I was following the 3/8″ edge of each piece. Go slow and make sure the seams are in the direction that you pressed them. I added blue tape to my sewing machine to ensure I was sewing at the 3/8″ seam.

Step 4

As you add each black strip to each side of the diamond block, press towards the black strip. It’s important to press before trimming!

Step 5

Use your rotary cutter and a straight ruler to trim the excess black strip. Be sure to carefully line up the ruler with the edge of the diamond block.

Step 6

Continue adding the side strips on the diamond and eventually the top and bottom strips.


  • If you have any edges that are not completely sewn to the 3/8″ seam, then take the time to sew that seam. I had a hole-in-one block with this problem. After I added the black strip and ironed it open, I noticed a hole. I had to rip open the seam and redo it.
  • The small triangle blocks and the side blocks will be completed similarly. Notice that I added the trim on all sides of the blocks because I plan to include an outer border. If you do not add to all sides, pay close attention to the desired sides that need a strip. Be sure to leave plenty of black trim above and below for the side triangles!

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