Queen of Diamonds Quilt Along | Month 3

This week we will attend our third EPP quilt along at our local quilting store, Quilt Beginnings in Dublin, Ohio. This has been such a fun project and I can’t put it down! I love working on it on the go and also while watching TV.

Queen of Diamonds Quilt Along

We’ll be making this quilt over the next year with 41 different fabrics. There are instructional videos from Pink Door Fabrics, the company that created the quilt pattern. The designer of the fabric, Tula Pink, is quilting along with us. And quilt stores all over the country are participating. How fun!

Tula Pink Videos

Pink Door Fabrics Videos

Month 3

This month we make several blocks including partial ones. And the solid blocks took a lot of time.

Making Mistakes

I made a few mistakes. Honestly, I don’t think anyone will notice in the final quilt.

The instructions say to “line up the stripes”, but I lined them up with the bottom of the triangle. In the Pink Door Fabrics video, Chelsea explains to line the top of the template with the middle of the lines. Oops!
Chelsea also gives great advice to line up the striped fabrics offset if you have trouble sewing through the two printed fabrics. I didn’t find that a problem, so I kept them lined up with the grey together. Looks good!
When I was assembling, I didn’t notice that the green and purple triangles were NOT symmetrical. This was a very busy one and I didn’t notice the flipped colors until after I had it all together. I like my way! Oops!

Here is a great picture of the final project — Queen of Diamonds.

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