Queen of Diamonds Quilt Along | Month 7

Ok, we’re on month 7. Now is a good time to check in to say what I’m using and what I regret purchasing. Let’s talk about any regrets that I have for fabric, supplies, and tools needed for English Paper Piecing.


Glad I purchased the entire kit. I see some struggling with finding the right fabric so the contrast works on each of the diamonds. I’m so glad that I can just cut and sew and not think about that. However, that being said, we have a ton of fabric left over. So I am not sure what I am going to do with all the leftovers. It’s beautiful fabric. I’m sure I will use it again. I will not make this quilt again, but some form of paper piecing interests me.


Bought too much thread. I was glad our store, Quilt Beginnings in Dublin, Ohio offered to sell us these individual bobbins of thread, but I did not need this much. I bought 10, mostly gray. Grey was a great color, it goes with everything. The size 10 needles are great and easy to thread so I did not need the Birdy Needle Threader!

I bought a good amount of basting glue. And I will probably need more. I bought a pen which came with two refills and another 9-pack of refills. I have probably averaged one dispenser a month.

The templates and the paper pieces were very handy. Although, I think a great workaround would have been to cut the paper using my Cricut, and then I have seen folks just trim the fabric around the paper using fabric scissors. It does not need to be exact, you are folding it over the paper to make the perfect size. Not sure how sewing the sashing around the edges would work out. Probably a lot of measuring and trimming.


So glad I have the rotating mat and small rotary cutter. I probably could have used my larger rotary cutter. I think a smaller rotary mat would have been handy if you are working in a tight space and for travel convenience.

Love the cute needle minder, although it wasn’t necessary. I did not purchase the magnets that hold your fabric together, I found the clip to work fine.

I’ve seen some very cute and fancy totes to carry your supplies to class. I have just been using a little zipper pouch, nice and small, I can fit it in my purse. I have an Omnigrid tote that works great to hold the rotating mat, fabric, book, and supplies.


The main regret I have when sewing the pieces together is not paying enough attention to the direction of the pattern. I’ve had to un-sew several pieces! I check and double-check, but somehow manage to sew something in the wrong direction. Ugh!


Finally, I have loved the portability of EPP (English Paper Piecing). It doesn’t require us to bring our sewing machines to class. I can grab it when we are on the go — doctor’s visits, family visits, etc. I thought I would always machine quilt, but I highly recommend giving this a try!

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