Fancy Forest Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman

Several years ago I purchased a quilt kit and stored it away. From time to time I would pull out the kit and decide it looked way too complicated to make! Well, I have pulled out the kit and now have the confidence to make it! See how you can do this too!

Fancy Forest

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Quilt Beginnings

I purchased my kit in 2016 from but they no longer have this kit. They have other Elizabeth Hartman products, here is a link.

There is a local quilt store in Columbus Ohio that currently has kits available from Elizabeth Hartman. Here’s a link to their details — Her new pattern has some new critters and it’s called Delightful Desert!

What Makes a Quilt So Special?

Perhaps what makes a quilt so special, it that pride a quilter knows — that deep in her heart she knows — some distant future generation might gaze upon her quilt, or touch it’s fragile threads, and still feel the love and care that she has sewn into every stitch!

by Debbie Anderson Searles

My Process

I plan to use the quilt in my guest room. I’d love to hang it above the bed in place of a headboard. If all works out ok, it will be landscape instead of portrait, ie. wider than taller!

Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman
40 Different Fabrics are Required for the Animals
Highly recommend adding swatches to this page in the booklet!
I ironed and sorted the fabrics into 8 color families.
Glued a small 1″ sample into the book for reference!
I set up my workspace with room to cut, sew, and iron.
First I made the Foxes. Simple one-color pattern but 16 of them!
Next were the 8 bunnies, they kept getting cuter but a little more complicated!
The 8 owls are made up of 6 colors of each family!
For the more complicated animals, I labeled the cut pieces. By the way, I was cutting the pieces as I did each animal. It would have been too much to keep organized if I had cut everything at the start.
When sewing the corners at a diagonal, I would position my needle in the center.
When sewing the 1/4″ seams, I would position the needle to the far right.
Labeled the pieces for each critter as I went along.
It was just adorable to see the animals come together!
Thistles triangles were a little tricky to keep in shape.
Carefully sew across your corners.
Firefly has a lot of small 1″ pieces.
This is before the border and binding were added!