Janome 1600P-QC Sewing Machine

I recently started using a new sewing machine from Janome. The model is 1600P QC. After reading the manual, I found it very straight forward to use. I especially love these features …

  • Auto threads
  • Cuts
  • Needle down
  • Bobbin winding while stitching, separate thread path
  • Cloth guide
  • Just does straight stitches but does 1600 stitches per minute
  • 8″ opening for room to roll-up your quilt fabric
  • Light under the opening to see your work area

When I got the machine, used, I had to switch out the free motion quilting foot with a regular sewing foot. This also included putting the feed dogs back into the machine. Threading the thread, using the automatic threader, and loading a bobbin were very straight forward. I need to figure out the oiling process.

Previously I was using my 40-year old Singer 9020 sewing machine. I believe it was less than $200 at the time. It’s probably comparable to the current day Singer 6680 machine, although the 6680 has more features; it’s only $229. If you are just getting started, do not purchase a fancy machine until you have completed a few projects and decide you are going to use a machine frequently.

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