Sew Ready Table & Plant Hangers

Now that retirement is underway, I have a new project for the top floor of the treehouse. This special plan includes the setup of my sewing machine so I can start quilting again. While I was purchasing this new sewing table and under bed storage (for my quilt fabric), I decided to decorate and bring in these macrame hanging plants while I was at it!

So excited the table came in the mail yesterday!
Sew Ready table
I bought the No Drawer, but there are 1 and 3 drawer options.
My hubby Steve putting the table together while Hershey supervises!
Now I’m organizing my sewing supplies. Think this table will be a good setup and make me want to sew again!
Very happy with these macrame hanging planters. This floors gets lots of sunshine! Hope I can keep the plants alive!
Got sewing supplies loaded under the table on the little shelf. This should work!