Add Finishing Touch using Kitchen Valance

Recently made a pretty curtain for our kitchen window. My husband painted the walls, cabinets, and backsplash and it really brightened up the kitchen. I found this beautiful flower fabric at Hobby Lobby and couldn’t wait to make the curtains!

Supplies Needed

I started with a pattern that I had from years ago, 2012 to be exact. I like the pattern because it includes 4 useful curtain valance patterns. All patterns are very simple, I think the pattern just gives you confidence! You could draw the pattern on freezer paper and cut out your fabric. It’s also nice to know the proper dimensions because you need enough fabric to have a wavy curtain and not a flat one!

The curtain pattern called for 4 yards for a medium-sized window (45″ to 55″ wide). But the fabric I purchased was 73″ wide, I think it’s upholstery fabric; it’s heavier than plain cotton fabric. So 2 yards was just right. Remember, you are making both sides of the curtain and turning it inside out. I considered using a plain white fabric on the back, but decided, since I had enough fabric, to use the flower fabric on both sides.

You can add a trim between layers to make a fun accent to the curtain, I did not add any trim. I loved the shape of this curtain and the fun fabric, didn’t think it needed anything else.

The pattern had little notches for matching up the two right sides of the fabric, I cut right thru these to save time. It’s the same shape, so simply matching up the sides and pinning, worked for me!

Instead of writing on the fabric, I used two pins together to show me where to start sewing. You need to leave an opening for flipping the curtain right side out, and two holes along the sides for the rod to go through. Again, just used two pins to remind me to stop sewing for those spots.

After flipping to the right side, I sewed the top opening closed using my machine. You could also hand stitch, but I saved a little time and thought that you cannot see that top seam since it will be above the window.

The rod I ordered is 5/8″ around, the pattern said to add 1″ to that measurement to know how wide to make the pocket for the rod. I marked the sewing lines with pins, then removed them as I went along. You don’t want this pocket to be too big or too small.

Here’s a good idea, add a strip of painter’s tape to align the fabric on your sewing machine as a guide to keep the fabric straight as you sew!