Mosaic Moments Grid System

Due to my love of photos, I use the Tami Potter’s Mosaic Moments system so that I can include many photos on my scrapbook layouts! Recently, I collaborated with a scrapbooking friend, Kerry, and we came up with a great idea to use our Brother ScanNCuts to help us with our Mosaic Moments grid paper layouts! Here’s what we found out! You have to see this!

Mosaic Moments was created by Tami Potter several years ago and it has continued to add new features along the way. At first, it was a cutting system that allowed you to cut using a Exacto blade to cut your photos into the proper sized squares to fit onto their 12×12 grid papers that came in a few colors, and you could buy them in packs.

While they continued to add new colors to the grid papers, even sell them in 3-color packs, they added dies to their line. These dies allowed you to quickly cut your photos down by placing the die on your 4×6 photo and crank out the photos to place on the grid paper.

Next they added specialty dies to their line up. These dies include letters, common shapes like sunshine, quilt patterns and many more. My favorites are the circles and corner shapes.

As I mentioned, at first you used an Exacto knife and ruler, but I used my Creative Memories personal cutter and added dots at the measurements that cut to fit the 12×12 grid paper. This still works great, and for crops I don’t normally take my dies, I simply cut down the photos. Now, this means you have to eyeball the part of the photo you want to use, where with the dies, you can quickly place on the photo and run thru your die cutting machine.

But I am most excited about using my Brother ScanNCut to scan and draw the grid lines on any color paper or even the back of the page! We simply scanned the grid paper and saved the image to our ScanNCuts. Then we can draw the lines on our pages. The cost of the pages from SnapNCrop are very economical and they have sales all the time — subscribe on their site for deals — but this comes in handy if you forgot to bring your grid paper or have a special background color you want to use! Try it out!