Scan a Creative Memories Album

There is so much to tell you about this process. I decided the best way is to show you my process. And I’m so excited to be sharing it with you. I am here to encourage you to scan your scrapbook albums to easily share your legacy!

At first, it may seem like a lot of steps. But with practice, the steps become second nature. You are going to do the following —

  • Load your page into the mat
  • Press SCAN to send to the cloud
  • Open the Canvas Workspace software to import
  • Screenshot the page
  • Paste into editing software to save as JPG or PNG image
  • Use film software such as Wondershare Filmora to make into a movie!

My Process

I start by pulling apart my Creative Memories Album.

Next, I lay the page (including the Creative Memories binding) into the Brother Scan N Cut scanning folder.

Notice that I have placed the full Creative Memories full page into the scanning mat, staples and all!

Now, my page in the video got hung up — but it was due to a very thick page. Most of my other pages scanned fine. I wanted to show you, if your mat jams, how to unload the page.

Import the scanned and transferred image into Canvas Workspace. Press anywhere on the screen to remove the blue selection lines.

Now do a print screen or use software such as SnagIt to capture the image. Brother Scan N Cut does not export the scanned image, it is set up to export shapes only.

I merge the two scrapbook layouts, but you may choose to scan all pages and save them individually and join them together later. Figure out what works for you.

If after scanning pages, you start to see a line down your images, your scanner might need to be cleaned. In the video, I demonstrate how to open the bottom of your Scan N Cut to clean the scanning surface. Be sure to use a soft, clean towel.


See my recent post with answers to all your questions to learn more! See 12×12 Scan FAQs.

Sample Pages

Here are just a few pages that I scanned and saved both the left and right pages as one image. In the video, I show how I copy and paste the scanned images into one file.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Brother Scan N Cut Machine SDX
    Note: My model is the older CM650W with built-in WIFI
  • Scanning Mat (includes plastic protective cover) with non-tack surface
  • Brother Scan N Cut Canvas Workspace (free account, download the software)
  • Editing software, I use MS Paint to copy, paste, and crop

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