12×12 Scan FAQs

Welcome to learning about how to scan your 12×12 scrapbook layouts. Here I will try to answer some frequently asked questions about the Brother Scan N Cut 12×12 scanner feature.

Why scan my scrapbook pages?

I plan to give the kids scrapbook albums to them. In that case, I will no longer be able to flip through those beautiful memories. Scanning will allow me to upload the images or even make a video of the layouts for digital viewing. I can enjoy the albums for a long time!

Which Scan N Cut model do I need?

All Scan N Cut machines will scan a 12×12 image. I recommend using the no-tack scanning folder (be sure to remove any blue tape on the mat). The new DX models are a great choice.

While I have the older CM650W model, I learned that the least expensive $299 model will work just as well. The less expensive models have fewer built-in shapes and features, but they will all do the scanning. And since you can download any SVG shape, you really don’t need a lot of built-in shapes.

  • Brother Scan N Cut DX model (Link)
  • DX No tack scanning mat (Link)

How do I scan the 12×12 Layout?

Turn on your Brother Scan N Cut. Slip your 12×12 page, one at a time, into the no-tack Brother Scan N Cut mat. Load the mat into the machine. Press the “Scan” button, then the “Cloud” button. It’s important to retrieve the image before scanning the next page.

Note: On the newer DX machines, you may be able to use the “Scan to USB”. My older machine yielded an error that I was not saving a shape. This USB option will save the image as a JPG. You will not require the software to transfer. Simply copy the files from the USB.

Pages Too Thick?

Now, if you have buttons, flowers, and thicker items on your scrapbook page, you may need to remove them. I had some brads I needed to remove, then I simply replaced them. For the most part, even on pages with thicker letters, I was able to scan using the Brother Scan N Cut.

After scanning, how do I retrieve it from Canvas Workspace?

Your machine may allow you to save the scanned image to USB. I have the older CM650W model, so I received an error that it expected a shape. I understand the newer DX models will save a JPG to a USB. This will save you a step! With my older machine, I simply scan, then it transfers to Canvas Workspace. I select “File”, “Import from Cutting Machine”, and “Scanned Image”.

From your software, you must do a PrintScreen to capture the image and save it as a JPG or PNG. I use the Windows button plus PrintScreen and the screenshot will automatically save to my hard drive, Pictures, Screenshots. Be sure to size your mat to 60 or 70% as large as possible to get the best-saved photo with 600 dots per inch.

What should I name my saved files?

Name the files with a date, if you know the date. If you use a format of YEAR-MONTH-TOPIC, you can sort by year, then the month, and also search for the topic. If you prefer, you can save them into separate folders. Below shows an example of using CC for the Album too.

Note: If you copied your files from the USB, you can rename the files, or simply upload them to Snapfish or Shutterfly or Cloud option to save them by a date range.

Where do I back up my scanned images?

I prefer to save to both my computer hard drive and Snapfish. You could also use an external backup drive. Using a cloud service is your best bet.

Can I print the 12×12 scanned pages?

Some of you have suggested that scanning will allow you to make more copies of the pages to share with your family. This is a great idea! Shutterfly, Snapfish, PrestoPhoto, and Persnickety are just a few companies that offer this service.

Where can I find specific Scan N Cut model information?

Here are very handy links to the Brother Scan N Cut SDX85. You can follow these links to search for your specific model.