Brother Scan ‘N Cut Fussy Cutting

Continuing with my series about the Brother ScanNCut machine, I’m showing how to scan and then cut out the shapes on patterned scrapbook paper to avoid fussy cutting.

I like to use this technique so that I can quickly cut out shapes from anywhere on the paper, not just around the edge. Here’s the steps —

1. Load your mat with the paper stuck to it. On your machine, select Direct Cut.
2. Select Color mode instead of Black and White, if you paper is in color. Tell it to scan.
3. Zoom into the desired area you want to cut.
4. Now dial up the colors, if the shape is not what you need it to cut. You have to play with this.
5. Select the outline option (two circles).
6. Tell it the distance from the scanned cut line. I used .04″ to give it just a little border.
7. Now tell it to cut!