Brother Scan ‘N Cut Cutting Inside the Lines!

Ok, time to try and get fancy. I’ve shown you how to cut the outside of an image so you don’t need dies to cut out your stamps, but what if you need to cut any inside line on your stamped image? Let’s try out the Canvas Workspace software to do this!

The steps we followed were these —

  1. Stamp your image using black ink on white paper, attach to your mat.
  2. Turn on your machine, and scan using the Direct Cut option, select to ScanNCut Canvas.
  3. Open the ScanNCut Canvas Workspace software on your computer, and click File, Import from your cutting machine, then Scanned Image.
  4. Down the left hand side, click on the Image Tracing option, then An Image Scanned by Your Machine.
  5. Play with the option of Tracing by Edge or Tracing by Color, remember to dial down the colors since we used black ink on white paper, press Ok once you like the lines it’s detected.
  6. Now on the right hand side, under Properties, go to the layers; select each shape and delete the undesired shapes.
  7. Now let’s send it back to the machine, click File, Transfer FCM file via Internet. Click past the warning message.
  8. Back on your ScanNCut, click on the Cloud to Machine image to receive the scan.
  9. Now you are ready to cut. Remember, through all this, we didn’t remove the mat.

We could have also used Scan to Cut Data and I’ll show that in a future video. I think this would be very handy, especially if you want to save the shape for using it again in the future.