Scan N Cut Mats

Someone recently asked whether you could scan using a sticky mat or if you must use the non-tack mat. The answer depends on whether you are going to cut the image. If you want to scan the shape or image, consider using the non-tack mat. Here’s how.

Difference in Machines

Start by visiting the Brother-USA website. Search for your machine model. This will ensure you purchase the proper mat and various other accessories. My machine, the CM650W, is NOT a DX model, most newer machines are the DX style.

I tell people that you do not need to buy the top-end model like I did. After learning more about the machines, the only difference is the built-in patterns. And since you can download images, you do not need many built-ins. Save the money!

Difference in Mats

There are several types of mats. Low tack, middle tack, fabric (the highest tack), and the scanning mat (non-tack) that I use in the video. The handy feature of the non-tack scanning mat is the non-glossy coversheet that helps get a crisper image.

Non-Tack Mat

I really like to use the non-tack mat for scanning my 12×12 layout pages. By scanning the pages, I have a digital backup of my scrapbook albums. Be sure to check the Brother Scan N Cut website for your model to know whether to purchase the DX or non-DX style mat.

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  • Non-Tack 12×12 Scanning Mat for DX model (CADXMATS12) —
  • Non-Tack 12×12 Scanning Mat for non-DX models (CAMATS12) — still looking for this!

I used the Stampin’ Up set called “Floral Frames”. You can save the cost of the dies if you use your Brother Scan N Cut to cut around the images. You can specify how big of a border you want around your image or none.

Note that you need to draw around the one stamp that has “dots” instead of a solid line. I just trace around the image with a pencil, then erase the line after scanning and cutting.