Built-in Patterns in CM650W Scan ‘N Cut

Did you know you can print the built-in patterns for your Brother Scan N Cut? Here’s how!

Here’s the steps to find and download the PDF for your machine —

Open Brother.com website. Click on Support, the Support Center.
Enter your exact model, for example CM650W.
Click on ‘Manuals on our Online Solution Center”.
Scroll down to find the “Pattern List” area and click the blue “Download” button.

I’m often asked about the different models available from Brother. Here’s a summary chart from Brother that shows some of the differences.

Scan N Cut ModelPatternsScannerCost
DX85C — no quilt patterns251600 dpi$350
CM350 — 100 quilt patterns631300 dpi$400
CM650W — 140 quilt patterns1102600 dpi$500
DX125E — detects thickness682600 dpi$400
SDX225 — 140 quilt patterns,
detect thickness
1303600 dpi$1000
Disney DX230DX — 140 quilt patterns
+ 152 Disney patterns
1283600 dpi$1200