Time-Saving Print Screen Trick

I’m learning time-saving tips as I scan more of my scrapbook albums. Watch what I learned this week about how to save a screenshot to your computer automatically! Join me as I show you how to scan your albums!

If you do not currently own a Brother Scan N Cut, I highly recommend it for many reasons. I started using it for scanning around stamped images so that I did not need to purchase the die sets to cut out the images. Now I am using it to digitize my scrapbook albums! I have links below for items you may wish to purchase.

Built-in 12×12 scanner in the Brother Scan N Cut

Digitally save Your Scrapbook Pages

You can digitally save your scrapbook albums by doing the following:

  1. Scan the page using a Brother Scan N Cut machine
  2. Send scanned 12×12 page from your machine into the cloud
  3. Retrieve scanned image from the cloud using Canvas Workspace
  4. Save a print screen using Windows-Key & Printscreen-Key
    (Apple probably has a similar save print screen feature)
  5. Crop the images of your pages and save them with a good filename

Useful Links

Scan N Cut Machine

after loading your page into the scanning mat, press the Scan > Cloud button

Canvas Workspace

use option “Import from Your Cutting Machine > Scanned Image”

Print Screen Options

By pressing the Windows and PrintScreen keys at the same time, you will see the screen blink, and the screenshot will save to your computer. Once you have all the pages scanned, uploaded to the cloud, and print screen saved from the Canvas Workspace, you can edit them and name the files accordingly. I recommend YEAR-MONTH-EVENT so you can sort the in chronological order.

this is the Windows key I mention in the video
it will save the screenshot to > Pictures > Screenshots automatically

Amazon Affiliate Links

If you use my links, I make a few pennies at no additional cost to you. Thank you! The Brother Scan N Cut current model is the DX. It does not come with the no-tack scanning folder, but I include a link below. If you have a DX, please make sure the accessories that you purchase are for the DX models.

Wireless Ready

If your machine has a greyed-out “cloud” option on your machine, then you need to purchase the Activation Card for this feature. I suggest that you find a Brother Dealer in your area to buy this card. See Brother Website.