Scanning Photographs

Recently, a good friend asked about scanning photos with the Brother ScanNCut. So I had to try this out. What does the ScanNCut see when you try a photo? Watch to see how to cut a pattern on this photo.

It’s very interesting to see what the ScanNCut does with a photograph. Now, this photo did not have a high contrast, and it’s got a busy background. Still, it was fun to try it and see what the scanner can pick-up. For this photo it seemed best, just to cut a pattern out.

You can go into Pattern on the machine, select the desired shape — such as a circle, heart, and in my case, I chose a triangle. After you select the shape, it’s added to the mat, but not in the right location. So then, press the scan option (looks like a mat). This will allow the machine to scan the mat and show where the photo is located. You can finally move your shape to the desired location and press cut.

Another thing to try, would be to scan and send to the computer. The Brother ScanNCut Canvas software allows you to “trace”, so I’ll have to try that next!