Using Brother Scan ‘N Cut for Stickers

Steve and I recently retired and I needed some stickers for our scrapbook layout. Here’s how I used my Brother ScanNCut to cut out the stickers I printed!

Scanning Color vs Black & White

Sometimes not all the shapes will be detected. The machine needs to see an entire line around the object, and depending on the color hue, it may not see the shape you want it to cut. As was this case, I wanted it to see the bubble around the words not the words, on some of the shapes.

My advise to you would be to scan it multiple times, and have plenty of light in your workspace. You can see different results each time you scan it! Try it with Black and White and then try adjusting the grey scale. Also try scanning using the Colors option.

Ignoring Object Size

When scanning, you can tell the machine to ignore certain bits of the scanned object. Click on the edit option, then you will see a button for “Ignore Object Size”. Here are the steps from the Brother website.