Digitally capture your 12×12 layouts

Hey, do you realize that we have a built-in 12×12 scanner in our Brother Scan-N-Cut? So what does this mean? Could we actually use it to scan a 12×12 scrapbook layout?? What?!? Watch these quick and easy steps to scan our scrapbook album layouts so we have them stored electronically! Oh yeah!

Here are the quick and easy steps to scan a 12×12 scrapbook layout using your Brother Scan-N-Cut machine. Remember, the machine has a built-in 12×12 scanning area! We are not going to recognize the shape, we simply want to scan the image!

Using a scanning mat, load your 12×12 scrapbook layout into the Scan N Cut
Press the “Scan” button, then the “Transfer to Cloud” button
You will see the message that the transfer finished
Now import the scanned image inside Canvas Workspace by clicking File, Import from Your Cutting Machine, Scanned Image

Different Machines

  • Brother Scan N Cut Machines
  • My machine is the CM650W, but I tell people that the 300 level machines have less built-in patterns but do everything the 600 level can do
  • DX is their latest machine — quieter and auto blade depth detection
  • The cost is $299 for the machine (Amazon Link)

Scanning Mat

  • Find your specific machine on Brother’s website to find the proper scanning mat for your machine before your purchase!
  • Mats are made differently for the different machines
  • I highly recommend the separate scanning mat since it does not have the sticky mess and it has a plastic cover which I think helps it scan a better image (plus not catch any embellishments)

Download Canvas Workspace Software

  • On the Brother website, download the Canvas Workspace to your computer
  • Find your machine, then you will see the manuals, drivers, and software available
  • Here is the web version on Canvas Workspace, login to see DOWNLOAD option

Software Services that Print 12×12 Size

Scanning to USB

I first tried using the Scan to USB, but I received an error message about my thumb drive. I found that my machine worked great with the Transfer to Cloud option. It made me use my computer, but I wanted to name the layouts accordingly.

I tried the Scan to USB, but it would not read by thumb drive
Try this on your machine, because this would be quicker than transferring