Scan ‘N Cut Markers

Here’s a quick video about the ScanNCut markers. I scanned an image out of a catalog to see how it would scan. Then I used the Brother ScanNCut to draw the scanned image. Here’s what happened …

First, I scanned using the Brother ScanNCut scanning mat. I noticed that the catalog page was a little translucent, so I placed a green paper behind the catalog page. This helped to hide the image on the other side of the page. When I scanned the image, it worked well. Since I had selected “Scan to Cut Data”, I was able to “Save” and I elected to just save on my “Machine”.

Brother ScanNCut scanning mat

Next, from Home, I picked “Pattern” to retrieve the saved image from my machine.

Under Pattern, find the image on your machine

It’s important to remember to group the image, otherwise you will just move one line and that’s not what you want. Click on Select All, then hit the “Group” option.

Keep all lines together using the select all, then the Group option

Now, you can move the image to the place on the mat, you wish it to draw. I loaded the Medium stick mat with white cardstock 8.5″ x 11″ and told the machine to Draw. Be sure to check that your “Draw Pressure is 0” when using the markers, this is under settings when you are on the Draw / Cut area.

Check the drawing press by clicking on tools

This turned out pretty well. You can see it’s not exact, but you could draw this image, color it, use the ScanNCut to cut around it, and add any details that you need.

Scanned image comparison

I would not do this very often, keep in mind that if you are going to re-use this stamp image, it’s always best to purchase the image. I think this would be handy for sentiments and sayings for inside cards.

Not all the details picked up on this image

Above, I used a more complicated image to scan and not all the details were picked up by the scanner. Lighting is important for the scanner, and I had a lot of light when I did the scan. This may have been because I didn’t do the inside and outside outline when I told it what type of line I wanted. That would be something to try next time.