Tracing Photographs

Playing again with my Brother ScanNCut 650W, this time to see how to trace around a photograph. I’ve scanned stamped images before, but this time I’m using a photograph. Let’s see what happens!

It seems like it was a lot of steps, but once you are more familiar with the menu on the ScanNCut machine and the software, it will get easier. Here’s the steps:

  1. On the ScanNCut, scan the photo you places on the mat, send to the Canvas software
  2. In the CanvasWorkspace software, press “New” project then “Image Trace” (little leaf image)
  3. Select from the Machine
  4. Preview playing with options of Outline vs Color, and options for Number of Colors
  5. Press Ok, confirm that Yes you want to paste the image to your mat
  6. You can manually create a line using Freehand Path (little pencil with line)
  7. Download back to the ScanNCut
  8. On the ScanNCut, go to Home and press Pattern, select from the CanvasSoftware
  9. Now cut, remember to not move your photo from the mat!
Inside the Brother CanvasWorkspace software.