Brother Scan ‘N Cut Troubleshooting

Did you get a Brother ScanNCut machine for Christmas? Congratulations! Is it still in the box?!? Hopefully this video will encourage you to pull it out of the box and play with it! It takes a little getting used to the menu options, but try this simple scan!!

In this video I explain the different mats that are for the Brother ScanNCut machine.

  • Low tack mat — blue color, very light stick
  • Middle tack adhesive mat — pink color, medium stick
  • Standard mat — purple color, high stick
  • 12×24 Standard mat — purple and longer than standard mat (12×12)
  • Only for scanning — used to scan an intrigue design, not sticky, cover is attached
  • Double sided stick mat — for fabric to attach to the standard mat

It’s not hard to use the Brother ScanNCut, I encourage you to stamp an image, place it on the mat, and following these simple steps:

  1. Load the mat with your stamped image by pressing the “mat” button
  2. Press “Scan” option, then “Direct Cut”, then “Machine” button
  3. For recognition, select “Color”, I’ve had better luck with color than black & white
  4. Press “Start” button, it should be green, let it scan away
  5. Use stylus to drag the arrows to box in your image, press OK to let it recognize it
  6. Press OK again, you will see the option to cut a border around (looks like circle inside a circle)
  7. Set the outside distance, .04 is a smaller edge, .08 is like a standard die, press OK
  8. Now press “Cut” and hit “Start” button

In the video, I also delve into troubleshooting scanning your stamped images. This is based on reactions I’ve seen when scanning stamped images.

  • If the image is not picking up, try increasing the colors (during Step 3 above)
  • If the image is incomplete, try using a black pen to better connect the solid line around your image
  • Increase the light around your Brother ScanNCut, if it’s too dark, the scanner cannot see the image
  • Re-scan the image, you will see different results each time