Brother Scan ‘N Cut Types of Cuts

Wanted to make a quick video about the different types of cutting you can do with the Brother ScanNCut. The three varieties of cutting includes patterns, direct cut, and scan to cut data.

  • Patterns
    The 650 has 1102 built-in designs & 15 fonts & 140 quilts, the 350 only has 631 designs & 7 fonts & 100 quilts. You can also use the Brother Canvas software to weld shapes to turn them into your own design.
  • Direct Cut
    If you want to quickly cut around the outside of a shape, like a metal die using your Big Shot would, use the Direct Cut option. It will scan, then cut around the outside, to the depth that you select.
  • Scan to Cut Data
    If you want to edit the shape that you scanned, then use the Scan to Cut Data. I wish it was called Scan and Save!  It’s very handy to save, then send to your computer to make adjustments. It’s just easier to see than on the screen. Both the 650 and 350 is wireless to the software.

Just a quick note about the new DX model, I’m not a fan of this yet. It’s quieter, but you will need to purchase their shapes. That’s not why I bought the Brother ScanNCut machine, I wanted to get away from buying shapes.

For more details on the Brother website, here’s the side by side comparison of the ScanNCut2 350 vs 650. The 650 has a bigger screen, you can zoom, and has more shapes, fonts, and quilts. Everything else is the same. You decide if it’s worth ~ $200 more!