Turn Scrapbook Album into a Movie

Hey! Did you know we can use our Brother Scan N Cut to scan our 12×12 pages to make a safe back of our scrapbook albums? And recently, I took those scanned images and put them to music to share with family! Love that these movies can be shared across the miles!

Two Album Movies

Made two videos so far to share with family and friends. It was easy to create these movies, once I scanned the images using my Brother Scan N Cut. I scanned and cropped the pages, then simply imported into Filmora and added a little free music. Love how they turned out!

Scanning Steps

In summary, here are the quick and easy-to-follow scanning directions. Below you will find the screenshots that will show you each step in action.

  1. One by one, add a scrapbook page to the Brother Scan N Cut scanning mat
    For Creative Memories pages, turn the page sideways into the scanning mat
    You do not need to remove the protective page!
    For top-loading pages, simply load them into the scanning mat
    Be careful to line up with the sides of the mat
  2. Load the mat into Brother Scan N Cut
    The scanning mat is not sticky, it is not made for cutting, and has a protective cover so your embellishments are not caught inside the scanner
  3. Press Scan, then the “Machine to Cloud” button
    If your machine is not wireless, then press the “Scan to USB” option
    There is an add-on wireless feature available
  4. Import into Canvas Workspace (display at 70%)
    Click anywhere to unselect the image, the blue lines switch to dotted red lines
  5. Press “Print Screen” button on your keyboard
  6. Open MS Paint and press Paste
  7. Crop avoiding redlines
  8. Save with a good filename so images can be sorted in the correct order
    Examples “2022.12.07 Birthday” or “2022CruisePg03”
  9. Back up your files somewhere! I use Snapfish but any photo-hosting site will work.


Many of you have asked questions, so I created an FAQs page with more information about this process. See 12×12 Scan FAQs.

Steps 1 & 2. Load page into the mat, load mat into the machine
A protective cover protects any embellishments
Step 3. Press the “Machine to Cloud” button
Step 3 continued. Press the “Start” button
You will see the “Finished Transferring” message when it completes
Do not scan the next one until you retrieve the scanned image in Canvas Workspace!
Step 4. Import into Canvas Workspace by selecting “Scanned Image”
Step 5. Display the image at 70% or more to be able to see the full page
Be sure to click anywhere to unselect the page to remove the blue lines
Step 6. Press the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard
Step 7. Paste into Paint or some software cropping tool
Select inside the red lines with the select tool, press “crop”
Step 8. Save your image with a good name, suggest naming
Step 9. Backup to a safe location, such as Snapfish

Video Steps

  1. Import images into Filmora (set Photo Duration to 15)
  2. Add music, it contains many free files
  3. Export as MP4 with a descriptive name
  4. Upload to YouTube as an UNLISTED file to keep it private but shareable
Step 1. Import scanned pages into Filmora
Note: Set the duration to 15 seconds
File, Preferences, Editing, “Photo Duration” set to 15
Step 2. Add music, Filmora has many free options
Step 3. Export the images and music as an MP4 file
Step 4. Upload to some sharing platform, such as YouTube
Set visibility to “Unlisted” so you can share with others

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