Creative Memories Albums

I have been using Creative Memories albums since I started scrapbooking in 2006 and they are wonderful. They are very durable and have held up over the years. I don’t sell Creative Memories, but I highly recommend their products.

The cover is made from a fabric that has almost a plastic sheen that allows you to wipe off with a cloth to keep it clean, they call it “bookcloth”. The binding can be engraved with names and dates. I have used a different color album for each child and my books.

When purchasing these albums, be careful because there are TWO different SIZES for the 12×12 pages. Originally they were not quite 12×12, about 1/2 inch smaller. You had to trim your pages down to fit. Now they are making them true 12×12. So when buying them, double check the description.

Prices vary, but currently the true 12×12 albums are 35.50, pages with protectors are 29.50, for 16 pages.  I put two packs into one album. You can find the old albums at garages sales and eBay fairly inexpensively.

I see they have top loading pages now, which would work like other ring-bound albums. I see they also make pages with print on them for quick assembly. I haven’t tried those yet.