Creative Memories Albums

I have been using Creative Memories albums since I started scrapbooking in 2006 and they are wonderful. They are very durable and have held up over the years. I don’t sell Creative Memories, but I highly recommend their products.

The cover is made from a fabric that has almost a plastic sheen that allows you to wipe it off with a cloth to keep it clean, they call it “book cloth”. The binding can be engraved with names and dates. I have used a different color album for each child and my books.

When purchasing these albums, be careful because there are TWO different SIZES for the 12×12 pages. Originally they were not quite 12×12, about 1/2 inch smaller. You had to trim your pages down to fit. Now they are making them true 12×12. So when buying them, double-check the description.

Prices vary, but currently, the true 12×12 albums are 35.50, and pages with protectors are 29.50, for 16 pages.  I put two packs into one album. You can find the old albums at garage sales and eBay fairly inexpensively.

I see they have top-loading pages now, which would work like other ring-bound albums. I see they also make pages with print on them for quick assembly. I haven’t tried those yet.

Front of the Album

If you pull your album completely apart, start by adding the front page first. You will then add all the pages onto the straps.

You will want the straps to go thru this front tab
Lifting up the white tab, from the front cover
Notice how the straps feed thru the front cover