Journal your Travels using MS Word

Hate your handwriting? Have a lot to journal in a small space? Then watch as I use Microsoft Word to type up my scrapbook journaling for a recent trip! Oh, and I used Mosaic Moments for the tons of pictures from our two-week trip too!

Just got done scrapbooking our spring trip to the US East Coast. We flew to Norfolk Virginia, then did a train up the coast to Providence Rhode Island, and popped over to Martha’s Vineyard. We stayed in Williamsburg and saw Jamestown. We also stayed in the quaint town of Falmouth Massachusetts and loved that town. Martha’s Vineyard was a little too stuffy for us! Drove up to Boston to do a sightseeing tour, John Hancock gave us an excellent tour of the city! Anyways, back to the scrapbook layout …


It’s very important to journal while you are on your excursion. You think that you will remember everything since you are taking lots of pictures along the way. But it’s super handy when you go to write about your trip when doing your layouts, to refer to your journal!

I had forgotten this is when Mom called to tell us it was breast cancer.


Decide the proper size for your spot for your journaling needs to be. I was using 3″ wide columns on my Mosaic Moments grid layout. Use your dies or simply use your paper trimmer.

Step 3: MS WORD

Inside Microsoft Word, set your margin by dragging that top little symbol over to the 3″ mark. Type your journaling, referring to your journal along the way. You may decide to space the lines accordingly by dragging the symbol a little further to the left. Side note, you can decide to use a different font too, have fun!

Step 4: PRINT

Print your document on plain printer paper. Then line up your cardstock over where the printer printed your journaling. Now tape the cardstock in place, being careful not to have any tape over where the ink will be! Load this sheet back into your printer and reprint.


Now you are ready to place your journaling into your album. Be sure to include all the details that you want to tell the story about your journey!

I just love how these pages turned out. I’m happy with the number of pictures I was able to incorporate into my layouts using the Mosaic Moments grid system. Check out more of my Mosaic Moments videos!