Kiwi Lane vs Creative Memories

I wanted to quickly show you the difference between Kiwi Lane and the Creative Memories 12″ Decorative Trimmer. Both will work to turn coordinating patterned paper into a 12×12 2-page layout. See how …

Kiwi Lane is a new cutting system that allows you to quickly trace a shape and fussy cut your paper. They have different shapes and sizes. Their books have a ton of ideas for using coordinating pattern paper for your scrapbook pages.

Creative Memories originally had the curvy cutter, where you use blades to cut on a cutting mat. There was a straight edge, hilly, and then very curvy pattern. They later had one in a trimmer format, so you didn’t need the cutting mat. Now they have a decorative trimmer, which is an updated version of the old trimmer. You can find the old ones on eBay, and the current one from your CM rep.

I’ve listed links below to help you find these tools …

Creative Memories Decorate Trimmer
Creative Memories Curvy Trimmer
Creative Memories Cutting Pattern 3 Edges
Kiwi Lane template called “Sunnybrook”