Monthly Scrapbook Kits

I was recently at a crop and a couple of fellow scrapbookers were talking about monthly kits and how overwhelming it can quickly become! So I decided to make a quick video for some things to keep in mind when subscribing to scrapbook kits!

Stop when you get too many!

If so much fun to get a new kit in the mail each month! Especially if you find a company that you really like their style and their paper line selection. But it can quickly become overwhelming and the kits will accumulate quickly! So know when to stop and take a break.

It’s nice to find a company that is flexible so you can start and stop as needed. Shop around to find a company that you love their kits that are for sale and also that they have a flexible stop payment option.

Sort by theme!

When I’m getting ready to go to a weekend crop, it’s very convenient to shop from my monthly kits that I have pre-assembled. I can quickly feel production at the crop by simply arranging my 4×6 photos on the layouts. Gets the creative process going too!

I have the kits sorted by themes that I use. Everyone’s themes are different, but my are the basics — birthday, summer/vacation, fall/halloween, christmas, and just “pretty”.

Use them up!

Sometimes I want to work on something where I don’t have to think about the design of a scrapbook layout. It’s wonderful to put pull out one of my monthly kits and put it together. I really try to use up the ones I have, and ones that I have not used, I sell or give away to friends.

If you are in a monthly kits where you don’t preview to see if you want it, you may on occasion get a layout that you just don’t love it. Think of ways you can add to it, maybe with stickers or ephemera to make it to your liking, or consider swapping with friends.

Company Suggestions …

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