Photo Merge using Photoshop Elements 14

On a recent vacation, we took photos at a scenic view of Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan. I had a need to merge two photos into one. See how this turned out! So happy I learned how to do this. Here are the steps!

I merged these two photos into one so that we had a group photo of the two of us!

Photo of me!
Photo of Steve!
Screenshot of Photoshop Elements Photomerge Group Shot

Photoshop Steps

  1. Open “Photoshop Elements 14”
  2. Click on “Photo Editor”
  3. Clicked on “Guided” tab
  4. Click File, Open, and select the two photos you wish to merge
  5. From the Guided tab, click on “Photo Merge”
  6. Then click “Group Shot”
  7. Drag the best starting photo onto the FINAL frame
  8. (Optional) If needed, click on “Advanced” tab to align the photos
    Align Tool will add the crosshairs for you to line up a section of the source photo with final
    Align Photo will do the aligning; you may see the source photo resize
  9. Finally, use the pencil to add elements you wish to add and the erase to remove any elements from the final photo
    Note: You can click down in the photo bin to toggle between source photos
Final Merged Photo!

Photoshop Tips from Adobe

If you would like more details steps, see the online help from Adobe.