Simple Page Templates

OMG! I just made a 12×12 scrapbook album with 250+ photos in three days! You have to see how this Simple Stories page template works with ease!

Simple Stories

Simple Stories is a product line founded by Amber Crowell from northern Utah. Their products are very colorful and used for scrapbooking to tell your story. Their website includes products for sale along with sample gallery photos for inspiration.

Simple Page Templates

Simple Stories has created this simple but effective grid template for quick and easy page layouts. They have 12 designs so far! I didn’t purchase the smaller ones, but love the 4×6 options.

Favorite Features

What attracted me to this new page layout system, was the ease of use. It took away the complications of how to arrange my photos for each page layout. Poof! Scrapbooking is easy again!

  • Ease of use for my 4×6 prints
  • Great price point, just $5 each
  • Quickly sort photos, then select the desired template based on # photos and size
  • Remember, the templates can be turned and flipped
  • Trim your photos to fit into the proper spot (I used my photo trimmer)
  • Love that the templates use standard sizes — 4×6, 3×4, 2×2, and 3×3
  • Glue photos to a solid color cardstock, trim around the outer edge
  • Layer onto a solid or patterned piece of 12×12 cardstock
  • Add title, journaling, stickers and embellishments

Example from Simple Stories

I highly recommend watching this introduction to their page template system to see just how easy it is to put together a two-page layout that looks like this! Notice how she used two templates next to each other. Then she layered it with different pattern papers.

This is from the YouTube video by Simple Stories – Watch it for great ideas!
Here’s a link to that video —