Scrapbook Memorabilia, Part 1

Someone recently asked me why I scrapbook. For me, I enjoy the photography, including taking pictures of my family and our trips. Scrapbooking is an art that is more than popping pictures into a photo album, it’s telling the story using journaling and memorabilia. Here’s how I organize my memorabilia!

Since our phones have built-in cameras, we are taking more pictures than ever before. But how are we remembering the story?

Scrapbooking is the art of taking the photos and adding the story with memorabilia and journaling to tell a story. I have our families school, trips and family events such as birthdays and wedding documented in our books. It’s wonderful to flip back through all the memories.

  • Print the photos, just enough to tell the story
  • Document the story by journaling what took place and the feelings to remember
  • Include memorabilia such as tickets, maps, brochures, etc.
On your trip, keep good notes to refer to for your journaling
Store memorabilia together in totes or bags with the name of the trip & the dates.

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