Vicki Boutin Peppermint Kisses | 6×8 Album

I got my Vicki Boutin 6×8 album assembled and ready for the holiday season. I learned so much in class and got a ton of ideas on how to decorate this size album. See how the pages turned out!

Peppermint Kisses Collection

There is so much ephemera in the kit. I could not even fit it all across my desk. I need to figure out what I will store these items in. Want to be able to easily flip through and find items. For now, I have many of the stickers in a large plastic bag and the chipboard back inside the box it came in.

Decided to store the kit and cut apart pieces in a 31-file tote bag. Works great!

Prep Class

There was a little confusion at the beginning of the prep class. The email said to watch the Facebook group for details of the upcoming classes. The LIVE YouTube video link was buried in the comments on the Facebook group, so some of us didn’t join the session until we found that link! I felt behind, but Vicki did a great job of making everyone feel confident and relaxed. Ready to have fun!

After getting caught up, we learned what papers we needed to cut before the class next week. We’ll be making cards and layouts besides the 6×8 album. Should be fun! She gave us a little homework too — cut apart the 3×4 cards on some of the papers. I’m ready now!

Day of Class

I had so much following along with Vicki’s class. She does an excellent job of explaining each step. She has a wonderful method to her madness. Many folks followed along live, I had company visiting, so I watched the replay which worked out great, I could pause it when I needed to!

At the start of the class, she had us cut the papers. She had a numbering system so we could keep the stuff organized. Next, she showed us each page and had us pull out the piece we needed from our numbered stack. She called it clipping and flipping! And finally, she showed us the embellished pages. We could add these on our own time. I appreciated that she made it fun and repeated the steps in case we missed anything.

I absolutely love how the 6×8 album turned out. And I can’t wait to add photos during the holiday season. I’ll add gift shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating, and all our family photos.