Zutter Bind-It-All

Have you used a Zutter Bind-It-All before? It’s fairly easy to use, just need to make sure you hold the paper level! Here’s a video to explain the options!

This machine is used to make a book and bind it together using a coil. It will punch the notches and then after you assemble the book on to the coil, it will cinch the coil. I used it today to punch holes in a bookmark to place in my planner.

Notice the silver cutting blades for the notches it cuts out
Pull this back foot out to stabilize the machine
Use the notch to line up across your item, remember to keep the item level
Empty the trash out by opening this tab
This is the bookmark I notched for my planner, after notching, I used my scissors to cut a slot, then it pops onto the coil ring binder