Craftroom Tour 2023

Finally, the window replacement project is complete and I can put my craftroom back together. I decluttered and sold unused items at the scrapbook sale. Now, my room looks great, and is ready to complete all my 2023 projects!

This home renovation project has been going all year long. After dusting everything off and putting items back in their place, I am so happy with the results.

I started by rearranging the desks in the room. I wanted to have the stamp DVD shelves between the windows, so that meant the long desk could only go on the side wall. I decided it was okay to have the computer monitor in front of the large windows. Because this is the south side of the house, I usually have the shades closed. It works!

The stamps are very easy to reach now. I even had a small shelf that I could use for my few Stampin’ Up punches. My husband used brackets to hold the small shelves to the wall. They fit in this space nicely.

The paper, long sewing desk, and Ikea Drawers with Casters stayed pretty much the same. I moved my filming camera over to this table. I think the lighting will work much better along this long table away from the sunny windows.

Still have projects and items to get out of this corner next to my sewing table. But I’ll work on these soon and clean up this corner. There is always something to work on!

Overall, I am very happy with this area now. I whittle down my products to the items that I use all the time for scrapbooking, card making, and quilting. Feels good to let go of items to let someone else get use out of them.

Declutter Series

In case you missed my Declutter Series, watch the following videos, for inspiration!

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