Let’s Make Art – Hydrangea

Ok, here goes nothing! I’ve started with the Hydrangea kit. I’ve been wanting to learn to more about watercolor painting, so I’ve subscribed to the monthly kit from “Let’s Make Art“. Sarah Cray makes this look easy – she says “You can do it!” Let’s see about that!

Here’s what I learned …

  • Watch her Watercolor Beginner Series to learn the basics
  • Have the necessary supplies ready, many come in the kit, but I had to use my own paint brushes, palette, painters tape, pencil, and water bowls. The paper, paint, graphite paper, tutorial steps, and sample image were in the kit
  • Follow the tutorial steps — made up of 6 easy parts (1-sketch two round flowers, 2-get out paints, 3-paint first flower, 4-paint 2nd flower, 5-add leaves, 6-finish details)
  • Follow along on her Hydrangea kit video for detailed tips
  • I taped down my paper to avoid buckling but she has her paper still in the tablet
  • Learning how much paint and water to add is tricky
  • Ok, it’s nerve-racking! Lol, but it was so much fun! I don’t think it turned out too bad!
Started with sketching the circles
Scariest part, adding the first bit of paint
Ok, it’s looking like a flower
My first watercolor painting! Lol, this was a lot of fun!