Let’s Make Art

I recently heard about an easy to learn water-coloring process offered by a company called Let’s Make Art. Here’s the start of my journey on the creative process. They also offer Letter Boxing. I want to learn to water color!

What I’ve learned so far …

  • Let’s Make Art water-coloring monthly subscription is $35
  • You receive four projects for the month, there’s online videos each week
  • Each come with step by step instructions with the paper, photo, and outline sheet (if needed)
  • The box does NOT come with the brushes or paint tray – I recommend you order that with your first month’s subscription, see beginner supplies
  • Graphite paper is used to transfer the image, it’s a great way to know what and where to paint
  • They are very encouraging, they even include a postcard for dropping some love in the mail to someone that needs encouragement!
  • Here’s their YouTube channel to follow along, see current videos, along with Beginner Series
  • Here’s their Facebook group to share your work
  • Side note — I see that Sarah Cray has some relation with the Missouri Star Quilt company, because I see some of her videos were filmed in that studio. How fun!